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You know the line: “I believe the children are our future.” Whitney sang it loud and proud, and we are proud of the Women’s Diversity Network’s Youth Justice Team!

The tweens and teens who take part in this leadership program are an amazing group of young people who care deeply about the future of their country. It is our honor and responsibility to empower them with information about the real history of our country, the power of representative democracy and the ways that their words and actions can—and will—make a real difference.

As we near the end of 2021, WDN has flourished despite the challenges of the pandemic. But in order to support our Youth Justice Team and our other life-changing programs, we need your help.

We would be so grateful if you could show some love by donating to support our work at this critical point in our nation.

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Friends of WDN:

  • Bronze Friend $200 donation.

  • Silver Friend $300 donation.

  • Gold Friend $400 donation.

  • Platinum Friend $500 donation.


  • Free admission into all trainings (Platinum Friend receives a free ticket to the Summit).

  • Acknowledged on our website, newsletter, and summit program as a contributor to the sustainability of WDN.

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