WDN is committed to creating programs that impact justice. Some our our programs are in house and some of them we bring to you. 

We provide workshops and courses on Bias, Racism, Gender, Cultural Humility, and Sex Education. Some of our courses require a fee and some are donation based.


Wealth Equity Fellowship

Black women are paid the lowest when compared to their white counterparts. To address the wage gap inequality and change the economic outcome, WDN has created a Fellowship to help participants obtain an increase in wages.


The Wealth Equity Fellowship will be a 17 week program for Black women and Black gender expansive people. In order to bridge the wealth gap this fellowship will expose them to careers, build their personal brand, and connect them to people who will sponsor them while they get to their next career phase. Because it's not always what you know, it's also about who you know.

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This Task Force is made up of diverse, complementary organizations, agencies, clinicians and individuals, as one cohesive force that is supportive of positive maternal health outcomes for Black people and other vulnerable populations on Long Island.


Youth Justice Leadership Team

Tweens and teens build leadership skills and be the change they wish to see in the world by developing civic agency through history, literacy, and service with a justice lens by:

  • Reflecting on one’s own responsibility in a democracy;

  • Reflecting on one’s universe of obligation and what is the common good;

  • Understanding how historical events shape the present; and

  • Individual and/or group activities that enforce critical thinking, civic responsibility, community service, justice and engagement.

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