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Meet Members & Participants of WDN's Programs

Meet Natalia Johnson, a student, wife, mother, and grandmother. Natalia discovered the WDN Wealth Equity Fellowship through LinkedIn. Natalia credits the program with helping her forge strong relationships, expand her network, develop leadership skills and wealth building practices, giving her the confidence and tools needed to achieve her financial goals. “I've learned about financial literacy, investment strategies, and sustainable wealth management. The mentorship and guidance I received have been instrumental in shaping my professional and personal growth. I have been able to apply these principles in various facets of my life, ensuring a legacy of financial stability and knowledge for my family. This program is not just about building wealth for oneself, it's about uplifting an entire community, one person at a time.”


Ana Garay is a mother of two. She was introduced to the Fellowship through her sister Sandra. Ana recently battled postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her second child. Ana says the Fellowship changed her life and transformed her financial outlook. The program helped her find her current position as a Customer Service Representative, provided financial education, and equipped her with the tools necessary to build and grow wealth in a responsible and sustainable way. The program has also provided Ana with access to a supportive community of women. “The knowledge and skills I have acquired have given me the confidence to make informed financial decisions and take control of my financial future. The program has provided me with the education, resources, and support necessary to navigate the complex world of finance, all while fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to addressing wealth inequality.”


Rachel Julien-Maurice, MHA, is mother of three boys, a passionate maternal health advocate, a certified doula in training, and a member of the WDN Maternal Justice Coalition Education Committee. A series of connections during Rachel's personal journey to find birth autonomy in preparation for her VBAC after two cesarean sections led her to WDN. "I realized that my education and knowledge couldn't just end with my own story. I want to help others. Being a part of the education committee has allowed me to be impactful in that way. Working with the Women's Diversity Network is like a puzzle - individuals who bring something to make the vision whole."

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Stephanie Freese, Ed.D. is a member of the WDN Leadership Team, and represents WDN on Hofstra University's Center for Civic Engagement’s Advisory Board. Her background is in education, first as a preschool director and religious school principal, then teaching and facilitating programs for adults. Currently, she is a docent at the Nassau County Museum of Art and is working to become a docent at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center in Glen Cove. 

“My experience at WDN enables me to try to make a difference for the women on Long Island - women of all backgrounds and interests. WDN is truly unique, bringing to fruition founder Shanequa Levin’s vision for an inclusive, enriching educational and outreach organization."  

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